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Shit Black Gay Guys Say.. Lol, Lol. 

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AyeeJayyBxtch: My Ex-That iMiss


isaid iwas gonna post this 4ever ago but ye about the ex im not in my feelings as much as when isaid iwas gonna write this…frank ocean will do that to you lmao but yea. imean iwas happy to reminisce on somebody who’s name didnt start with an M for a change. ithink the problem was the fact…

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imiss yu nelly

Asked by thegreatadventuresof-ayeejayy

I miss you too Ashley.

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Damn you just hittin me back up?! i dont even remember hittin you up! smh

Asked by hiphophead90

I hate the way tumblr is set up now.. I always forget to check my messages. >__<

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My Anthem.

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Hey = )

Asked by hiphophead90

Hey :) :)

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